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Raising kids and teens can be such an emotional journey. I was blindsided and felt alone when our daughter began to really struggle emotionally. Weeks turned to months and although I have experienced a lot of personal pain in my life, nothing prepared me for the pain I would feel seeing her in such a state. 
One of the main things that helped me, and most importantly Tessa, was building a community of support. There is a myth in our society that is pervasive and dangerous – which is that challenging times need to be personal times and that adversity in our families needs to stay private.

I thought it could not be possible, but for teens, ages 13 to 18 screen time has gone up by 42 minutes over the past four years. Teens now spend, on average 7 hours and 22 minutes per day on screens, not including homework or schoolwork.

And, so much of that time is consumed watching endlessly, personalized recommended videos. I remember going to the video store and spending an hour trying to find just the right movie to watch. That problem is solved; the solution that has stepped in is taking over our lives. 

So, what does this future hold? What can we do now to stop the tidal wave? In today’s Tech Talk Tuesday, I explore this topic and offer up a few ideas for action.


In my new movie, Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER, I explore the healing aspects of community and share my personal journey through hard emotional times with my daughter.


How and why to find community


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Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER is premiering ALL over the country (and the world). Host a screening in your community or find one near you.


Delaney Ruston, MD
Screenagers' Filmmaker

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