Parent Council Announcements

Good morning SLA Parents:


Just a quick bit of information. It's the Holidays and we're all busy but maybe this will help a bit to understand the big fundraising push.  The Parent Council has been trying to earn money these past two years because SLA is a Charter School.


* Charter Schools receive $2,800 less per child than Public Schools in Sarasota County. Even with that deficit, SLA continues to be a High Preforming, A rated school which helps the County receive funds.

* SLA has consistently operated in the black, though most went right back into the school.  SLA went into the red these past 2 years because of the events like the Parkland shooting.  Suddenly, a former nursing home had to receive a quick upgrade.  Public schools immediately got funding. But not the charter schools.


* SLA School Board used reserved funds and proceeded to upgrade the school immediately. No money from the County in the beginning.  These funds have paid for bulletproof entry doors, a bulletproof transaction window, security camera systems, a new communication system, and fencing, just to name a few.


*We had the sheriff's Dept. come and assess the school.  They stated that we were actually ahead of several public schools.  All security upgrades and additional personnel were for the District’s schools, none were for Charter Schools. So, again Mr. Cooley and the Board made the decision to hire a safety, security officer.  Mr. Bouchane was in place a year before many of the other public schools were in compliance. 


* Lastly, mental health.  The State of Florida mandated all schools must offer mental health for the children. Once again, plenty of money for public schools and $26.10 per a student for Charter schools.  Estimated tab beyond the money allotted this year is well over $70,000.


*We just thought it's important you understand that SLA is only asking because we have to find a way to provide these mandated services and protect our children as best we can.  


And hey, it's not a magazine subscription, bad candy or wrapping paper!  Have fun with the auction.  Remember, every dollar you spend is doubled per anonymous donor.  Thank you.


Happy Holidays from your Parent Council