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Unit Commander: Captain Kirsten-Bouchane

Class Instructor: Lieutenant Bouchane

Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol

Course Description:


The Civil Air Patrol is an in-school club requiring year long participation on a daily basis, with minimal out of school participation, with the exception of our Color Guard.  The class will focus on Civil Air Patrol and U.S. military history, drill and ceremony (marching), physical education, moral leadership and aerospace education.  The course is geared toward cadets’ interest in aerospace and military education and offers a good foundation for anyone interested in gaining a pilots certificate, or preparing for JROTC.  


Required use daily:


1. SLA provided agenda books: Cadets will bring their SLA agenda book every day.  Cadets will be expected to write down any assigned homework in the spaces provided, and use agenda book as their bathroom pass.


2. Paper:  Cadets must have paper available to take notes or complete in-class assignments. 


3. Pencils: Cadets must have a pencil to write with every day, I will not supply writing utensils.


4. Civil Air Patrol Cadet Membership:  Each student must complete a Civil Air Patrol Cadet Membership application to be able to participate in any Civil Air Patrol activity, including class participation.  The cost of the membership is $45.00 and will include a new cadet kit containing a zip-up binder, mini- posters, aerospace books and access to one, Air Force style, blues uniform (less shoes, socks and nametag). 


5. Black shoes:  Cadets must wear plain black shoes while in the blues and BDU (camouflage) style uniforms.


6. Physical Education uniform:  A clean SLA P.E. shirt or a plain white tee shirt, closed- toe athletic shoes and socks, and athletic style shorts or pants is considered a physical education uniform.  This is to be worn on Friday’s only, please make sure you have your SLA uniform to change back into for the rest of your day.  This uniform change is important so that proper hygiene can be maintained by the cadet throughout the day. (Please inform me by email if a student is unable to obtain any of the required material, and alternative payment options will be arranged by SLA.)


The Air Force Style blues uniform is available to order once the student has completed level one on the online program, eservices.



Optional Materials:


Many cadets prefer to wear the BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform, or Camouflage) instead of the Air Force style blues.  This is the Cadet’s preference (unless otherwise directed for special ceremonies).  BDU’s must be free of non-Civil Air Patrol patches, insignia and rank.  These BDU’s may be purchased at most Army/Navy surplus stores and online. 


Black Combat Style Boots:  If the cadet chooses to wear the BDU he/she must also wear black socks, a plain black undershirt, and all black boots (steel toe not necessary).


BDU Cap/Hat:  The cap is considered part of the BDU uniform and must be worn anytime the cadet is outside (which is what we do every Wed. to practice marching).  The baseball style cap is not the correct style cap.  Any other military service cap will not be acceptable with the Air Force style Civil Air Patrol uniform.


Please see the supply list for additional supplies.

Gum:  Please refrain from chewing gum on days we practice drill and ceremony (marching) and P.T. days.  (This is for your safety and is not optional.)


Courtesy and Respect: IMPORTANT!

It is very important that a cadet understands his/her responsibility to maintain a professional attitude and appearance while in CAP class as well as all times wearing our military uniform.  All cadets will address all teaching staff and guest speakers as Sir/Mam’n or their appropriate title and last name.  Wearing a military uniform in school is a privilege not a right and will be taken away if deemed necessary.  Please remember, many men and women have sacrificed the ultimate price wearing a similar military uniform and it is our duty to honor these men and women by conducting ourselves with self-control, courtesy, honesty and respect.


Tentative weekly schedule:

Monday:  Military education  Please bring blue CAP binder.

Tuesday:  Aerospace Education   Fit to Fly / Let’s go Flying books.

Wednesday:  Drill and Ceremony, Marshalling, (wear CAP uniform).

Thursday: Moral leadership or Safety education.

Friday:  Group P.T. Bring athletic uniform (including any type of running shoes) and clear (not colored)


WATER!  Keeping yourself hydrated is a safety procedure that is not taken lightly. 

Phone 941-485-5551 | Fax 941-485-2694
200 Field Ave E. Venice FL 34285
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