What Counts as a Volunteer Hour?


  • Students & Parent/Guardians-Attend a Parent Council meeting

  • Students & Parent/Guardians-Any time that you give participating, organizing, setting-up, breaking-down, running or cleaning-up for a SLA-organized activity.

  • Volunteering service to any non-profit organization, church, community or organization.  Providing service/assistance to any non-family member within your community is subject to administration's approval.  

  • ALL parent hours should be for SLA or an SLA organized activity.



Service Hours Due on 3/9



  • A minimum of 5 hours per quarter, with a total of 20 hours for the year.

  • Non-profit organization, church, community or organization. Providing service/assistance    to any non-family member within your community is subject to administration's approval. (FOR-PROFIT businesses are not acceptable)

  • Hours must be signed by the person in charge of the activity and include a phone number.

  • For each quarter, 15% of a student's first period grade is based off the completion of 5 hours.

  • For grading purposes, all hours must be turned in NO LATER than the following for each quarter: 

                    1st Quarter-Wednesday, October 9th

                    2nd Quarter-Wednesday, December 18th

                    3rd Quarter-Monday, March 9th

                    4th Quarter-Wednesday, May 27th


    Late hours cannot be accepted because of grading deadlines.



  • 10 hours per household is recommended.  ALL hours should be for SLA or an SLA organized activity.

*Please Note: Donations of supplies or other needed items to SLA can no longer be counted towards parent volunteer hours.

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