Auto Works

In this club, students learn the basics of internal combustion engines. In addition to disassembling and assembling engines, students will sometimes take apart discarded electronics and small appliances to explore how these items work.

(1/4 Year) 

Birthday Club.jfif

The Birthday Club celebrates the students of SLA, by holding, a monthly birthday party for everyone who's birthday occurs during that month.  The Birthday Club party planners determine a monthly budget, party theme, purchase necessary supplies, and hosting the monthly parties.   

(1/4 Year) 

Board Games

 This club aims to boosts strategic thinking skills and social interaction. This club is a platform for students with a common interest in board games to come together to have fun and to build relationships. Board games are intellectually stimulating and fun to play. Through participation in the games, students can master new skills and concepts in an enjoyable way.

  (1/4 Year)

Club Med.jfif

Club Med

Club Med is a health careers club for students who are interested in learning more about various occupations in the Health care field. The AHA wants everyone to know how to help in an emergency. That’s why they’ve developed CPR in Schools: First Aid. This educational, easy-to-use program is designed to teach middle and high school students, teachers, and staff the first aid skills they need to be prepared to act in an emergency. 

(1/4 Year)

Arts & Crafts Club.jfif

Providing students with valuable, creative, inspiring, and fun art projects

(1/4 Year)

Exploring Disney

Disney Club is for students who love all things Disney. We enjoy watching Disney movies together, Disney Trivia, Disney song and drawing challenges

(1/4 Year)

Birthday Club

Crafts Club

Lego Club.jfif


Lego Club is student driven and created to boost skills like creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving in a collaborative environment.  Lego club is a hands-on environment with an emphasis on creative problem solving.

(1/4 Year)

Marvel Club.jfif

Explore the Marvel Universe

(1/4 Year)

Minute To Win It.jfif

Minute To Win It

Fun Team Challenges 

(1/4 Year)  


Students will learn introductory photography techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Balance, Leading Lines, and Symmetry. We will explore basic editing techniques using Lightroom. Students use their phones to take all photographs; a camera is not required for the class. 

(1/4 Year)

Robotics Club.1.png

Our Robotics Club is geared towards teaching students about the basics of robotics with VEX hardware and software. In this student-lead club, students gain crucial hands-on building, mechanics, and programming experience. 
We don’t just build robots! Students learn crucial teamwork and leadership skills as they take on jobs in our club. Beyond science and engineering principles, VEX Robotics encourages creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups.. 

(1/4 Year)

news club.png

SLA News

News Club is a student-centered media club, which covers SLA news like service projects, sports and other school sponsored events. The club creates videos, posters and other promotional information on school events and they are responsible for the school's morning announcements.

(1/4 Year)

Marvel Universe


Music Club.png

SLA Noteworthy

Share Your Singing & Instrumental Talents (1/4 Year)

Sports Documentaries.jfif

Sports Documentaries

This club will focus on three different aspects: sports documentaries; sports trivia based on those documentaries with the opportunity to earn stamps; and sports motivational speeches by Jim Valvano, Kobe Bryant, Eric Thomas, Michael Jordan, and others.

(1/4 Year)

Total Athlete

Want to start your day with a little exercise to wake up and get the blood moving? 


In this club, students will choose from a variety of sports and games to play before having to settle into their school day.  

(1/4 Year)


Yearbook is a full-year club where students design and deliver the Talon, SLA’s student-led annual yearbook.  Students spend the year learning and applying yearbook production skills, including photography, writing, digital design, and marketing. 

(Full Year)