Clubs & Electives

High School Spanish

8th Grade Only (Full Year, Must Qualify)

Total Athlete

Outdoor Sports & Games (1/4 Year)

Auto Works

Hands on Engine Applications (1/4 Year) 

Exploring Disney

All things Disney   (1/4 Year)

Yoga / Zumba Club

(1/4 Year)


Designing School Yearbook

(Full Year) 

Citizenship through Service Learning

Earn volunteer hours through community projects (1/4 Year)  

Robotics Club.1.png


Computer Applications (1/4 Year)

Board Games

For kids who love strategy

  (1/2 Year)


"Fundamentals of Culinary Careers and Career Planning"

(1/2 Year)

Computer Applications (1/2 Year)

Conversational Spanish

Conversational Spanish (1/2 Year)


Two- and three-dimensional art production are included in this course. Basic design, drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques will be explored (1/2 Year)

Physical Education

The Only Subject That Makes Your

Heart Race (1/2 Year)

Computer Coding

Culinary Careers

From Acting to Dancing and Everything In Between (1/4 Year)