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Two- and three-dimensional art production are included in this course. Basic design, drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques will be explored (1/2 Year)

The purpose of this course is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the Hospitality & Tourism career cluster.  The content includes but is not limited to the development of leadership skills, communication skills, and employability skills; resource management; exploration of careers in the culinary field; the importance of health and safety in the culinary environment; and the use of technology in culinary-related careers. This course also teaches students about nutrition, basic cooking techniques, and food safety.

(1/2 Year)

This course is designed for SLA students and is intended to be 18 weeks in length. The purpose of this course is to build on previously acquired knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the implementation and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle. The course content provides exposure to a variety of movement opportunities and experiences which include, but is not limited to: Outdoor Pursuits, Individual/Dual Sports and Alternative/Extreme Sports. The integration of fitness concepts throughout the content is critical to student success in this course and in the development of a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

(1/2 Year)

Culinary Careers

Physical Education

Computer Coding

Students get hands on typing, presentations, worksheets, documents, and internet search and safety. In addition, they will be learning how to code stories and games with SCRATCH and platforms.

(1/2 Year)


Conversational Spanish

In this course, students begin to explore the basics of communicating by listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. In addition, they will be discovering the culture, food, and music of Hispanic countries.

(1/2 Year)

High School Spanish

Students will immerse on a year of Spanish. Through the year, students will first begin to develop listening and speaking skills, then read and write what they can say—familiar words, commands, phrases, short sentences, and basic questions. Students will learn to use predictable language in familiar settings. In addition, they will explore the culture of Hispanic countries. This course will get the students into level 2 in High School.

8th Grade Only (Full Year, Must Qualify)

family consumer science.png

Family and Consumer Sciences

The purpose of this course is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the various career clusters. The content includes but is not limited to food preparation and nutrition, fashion and interior design concepts, personal finance, healthy relationships, and childcare practices. Instruction and learning activities are provided in a laboratory setting using hands-on experiences with the equipment, materials, and technology appropriate to the course content and in accordance with current practices.   

(1/2 Year)


Journalism / Broadcasting

Broadcast Journalism is a broadcasting class designed to help students develop a groundwork in different forms of media, including, writing, videography, broadcasting, and public speaking. The course will have two main focuses. The first is to help students learn how to write and report well-balanced, comprehensive, and visually compelling packages by learning how to interview, write, shoot, report, and edit stories. 

Hopefully, we can utilize these skills in a hands-on environment when we return to school. This transitional part of the course will focus on running the SLA TV. Students will learn how to operate different jobs during newscasts, such as running the camera, Tricaster, Teleprompter, and even anchoring. The students’ work and weekly newscasts will be aired for the school to see. 

(1/2 Year)

Fit Leadership.jpg

Leadership Fit

This course will focus on Leadership, Fitness and Health. You will acquire many different skillsets to include self-discipline; self-confidence; teamwork; compassion, nutrition; fitness; mental toughness; resiliency and integrity.   


Our class will include exercising; learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits; team building, goal setting and problem solving each week.   


The intent of this class is to gain confidence, build relationships and motivate yourself to achieve high standards and goals in life.    

(1/2 Year)


Personal, Career, School Development

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