Current Events

Dear SLA Parents/Guardians,

Please take a moment and help us understand your current perspectives and concerns as we continue to develop multiple plans for the reopening of our school for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. While it is still too early to know how the current health conditions in our area may change over the next few weeks, our goal is to continue to develop the best plan of action for the different scenarios we might face.


The survey that was emailed to you should not be taken as any specific indication or direction of our intent; we are merely looking for your input in order to make informed decisions and develop a plan that is best for our children, our families, and our school. Some of the decisions will be recommended and made for us by the school district, county health officials, and state guidelines. Please rest assured that all decisions made by our administration will be thoughtful and communicated well in advance.  We must all understand that this situation is fluid and we all must be willing and ready to adapt accordingly in the best interest of our children.


Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated. I also thank you for your time and your valuable input as we move forward together.



Jonathan Cooley

SLA is a Public Charter Middle School, on the Island of Venice, Florida and open to all that we

can serve.  ALL Public Charter Schools are free of tuition. 

Please feel free to fill out an application or drop in to see if there is an opening. 

We look forward to helping you and your student choose the right school.