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Is your student a sibling of an existing SLA student?

 Most Current School                                                                                                                         
Academic Services                                                                                                                             

Please check all which apply to your student:

*A copy of the most current plan (ESE, ELL, 504, Gifted) must be provided for review by the ESE team to ensure that The Student Leadership Academy meets compliance with the contractual agreement with Sarasota School District to provide only full inclusion services in which the student in the general education classroom for a minimum of eighty percent of the school day.*

Parent/Legal Guardian Information                                                                                                

Please list names of biological mother and father even if the student is not living with both or is living with a legal guardian.

With whom does the student reside?

I understand that my student may have the privilege of placement at SLA revoked with an immediate return to my districted school for not adhering to the Sarasota County Public School Student Code of Conduct regarding discipline and attendance procedures or providing false and/or misleading information on this application.

Florida law requires charter schools to admit students via a random lottery when the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the program.

SLA is a Public Charter Middle School, on the Island of Venice, Florida and open to all that we

can serve.  ALL Public Charter Schools are free of tuition. 

Please feel free to fill out an application or drop in to see if there is an opening. 

We look forward to helping you and your student choose the right school.