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8/30/2020 - 5/28/2021

Total Positive Cases Reported:

Staff = 1  Students = 20

Total Quarantined Due to Exposure:

Staff = 2  Students = 116

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we want to make sure that our SLA families have the information they need in order to feel secure in the continuation of your child's education.

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January 11, 2021


Re:  Dissolving Hybrid Learning Model



Dear SLA Parents & Guardians,


After much consideration and debate, we have decided to dissolve our “Hybrid” model for the start of second semester.  Over the first semester we have seen the difficulties and pitfalls that come with remote learning.  Even if done with the greatest integrity, remote/hybrid learning is ineffective both academically and socially as well as instructionally.  We have also seen achievement gaps with our remote/hybrid learners widen, and those same students are struggling or failing to meet grade-level expectations.  Concurrent learning over three separate modalities has also taken a toll on our teachers, with increased workloads and the daunting task to effectively manage and deliver instruction to multiple groups of students simultaneously while providing them an equitable education and meeting each learner’s diverse needs.  In conclusion, we believe that students receive the most effective instruction through face-to-face learning and that our students’ best interest for their academic success and social emotional well-being is better fostered at school and in-person.  We also believe this will alleviate some of the workload and added stress on our teachers, allowing them to be more effective throughout the remainder of the school year.


With that said, we also understand the importance for some families to have the choice to have their child learn remotely during this ongoing and ever-changing pandemic.  Therefore, we will continue to offer a Remote Learning option for those families who have previously chosen our Remote or Hybrid Model as long as the student has made adequate learning gains and met grade-level expectations throughout the first semester.  All hybrid and remote learners will need to choose either full-time in-person learning or full-time remote learning for the start of the second semester.   We ask that you notify the school of your decision on or before January 22nd.   Please also note that COVID-19 related absences will continue to be excused and handled with compassion, while all other absences will continue to be handled according to the school’s attendance policy.


As always, please feel free to communicate any questions or concerns.





Jonathan Cooley