Computer Lab Schedule

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Computer Lab Usage

The computers in All of the labs are numerically labeled. Please assign your students to the same computer each day. The reason for doing this is two-fold:


First: Every time a student logs into a different computer, the computer must build a user profile for the student. This can sometimes take between, one minute to four minutes. If the student logs into a computer that they have used before, the profile is already there and the login time is between 30 seconds to a minute.  Save you time!


Second: Accountability. We would like the students to be accountable for the condition of the computer that they are assigned to. We should have them check their computer when they enter the computer lab and notify the teacher immediately if the computer appears to be damaged or altered in fashion.  If the computer is damaged, we would be able to go to the previous seating chart to determine who sat at that computer.


Finally: Please make sure your students log-off the computers correctly and push in their chairs.  This will allow for a smooth transition for the next class to use the lab.  If you are the last class to use the lab for the day, please make sure all computers are shut down properly, chairs are pushed in, lights are turned off, and the door is locked and closed securely.



Thank you all in advance!